1. All meats must be cooked on site. This includes the preparation and 
completion but not pre-trimming.


2. Please keep everything as sanitary as possible. This is a publicly judged
contest, but we will have quality control assuring that everything is up to 
the highest standard of cleanliness.


3. BBQ pits may include any commercial, home made, trailered, untrailered,
pit or smoker normally used in competition. You may use gas or electricity to
assist in starting the combustion of wood or wood products, but may not 
be used to complete cooking. 

The categories are pork butt, brisket, chicken, and spare ribs. 
You must enter at least two categories. The chicken may include thighs, 
drumsticks, breasts, and wings. 

You may serve your meats with sides to garner more votes as this is a 
publicly judged event. How it works is cook-off goers will buy a ticket to 
taste. They will then give that ticket to the team they want to vote for after
having tasted a sample plate from all teams. Be sure that you stand out so you 
can be remembered when it comes time for people to give up thier ticket!
Appropriate sides may include coleslaw, potato salad, beans, etc.


A sample plate should be appropriate for what you are serving if you have sides, 
such as a divided styrofaom plate or a red and white checkered paper food tray. 
Anything else you need like napkins, forks, knives, spoons should be available
to guests. 

Judging is open to the public from 7pm-9pm. Winners will be announced at 9:30
at the Big Texas Radio booth. 

You may arrive as early as 4am to begin cooking. We will call to confirm arrival
time if you did not do so already on the registration form. 

click to download PDF of rules